Automated browser testing with Selenium

Jarkko’s post tonight finally pushed me over the edge: I had to try out this Selenium testing thing. I’m working on an app which makes massive use of AJAX and Javascript, and it makes regular functional testing quite tricky, which was making me uncomfortable.

I installed the Rails plugin, followed the README, and found the reference documentation, and boy is this easy and slick!

I’m looking forward to getting full coverage for the dynamic parts of my app as well. This is very cool. If you haven’t already, do try out selenium. Thanks, Jarkko!


You should give selenium-ide a test drive too. It's a firefox browser extension. I think the recorder can also write the tests in ruby as well
By Hamilton Chua on Tue, Feb 14, 06 at 19:36 · Reply
Wow, thanks, Hamilton, that's really neat. A very nice way to record these.
By Lars Pind on Tue, Feb 14, 06 at 19:36 · Reply

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