I’m spending a few hours today working at the Copenhagen IT University for the first time, and it’s bringing back memories. It reminds me of the days in 1999 when I had just moved to New York, but I had to come back to Copenhagen quite a bit because of visa issues. I would stay at a friend’s place on Istedgade and go to work for ArsDigita at a nearby internet cafe, bringing my own laptop, just paying to use the network cable. That was not only before wifi, but also before you could get DSL around here. Times have certainly changed. Now I just bring my laptop to the ITU, and there’s wifi, excellent workspace, a canteen, funy meeting rooms. What a rich country.

It also reminds me of my own days at the computer science department in Århus. Boy, had I known then what I know now. I remember reading about the first reboot conference. I really wanted to go. But the DKK 1500 price tag seemed way over my budget as a student, so I didn’t go. I probably should’ve.


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