Hansel and Gretel, web edition

HansOgGrete.png It’s an odd effect when the bread crumb metaphor is taken too literally, as it is on meyersmad.dk.

It says something like “Coffee > Pickles > Vinegar > Oil”, which clearly isn’t a hierarchical taxonomy. Instead, it’s the list of pages I’ve visited in chronological order. I’ve never seen anyone do it this way before, and it took me a minute to realize this was what was going on.

Overall, the web site has clearly been designed with some care and attention, yet I find it very hard to navigate and to get an overview of what’s on offer from the company. Hey, Claus Meyer, let me know if you want me to do your site ;->

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Jarkko Laine

The designer of the site seems to have forgotten one pretty obvious thing: major browsers have had this functionality for more than a decade. It's called back button (with history browsing). DRY(Don't repeat yourself) or something for which there's a universial convention already existing.
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