Copy I would like to read

We were stranded for a night in Amsterdam, an were put up in a standard, basic airport hotel. The elevator had a pitch for the hotel restaurant, claiming it was basically a gourmet place. It wasn’t.

How refreshing it would be to read something like this instead: “We know you wouldn’t believe us if we hyped our restaurant, so we won’t. You and we both know how hard it is to get a great chef to work at a place like this. Our fare is fairly standard, nothing grand or exciting, but it will satisfy your hunger, and we do try our best to make it worth your appetite. Enjoy!”

The hotel did have a nice mini-bar concept: An empty fridge, which you could stock from a large fridge at the reception with exactly what you wanted, at regular street prices. Very refreshing. No more overpriced 20cl coke bottles, and tiny bottles of Bailey’s when what you really want is many large bottles of water.


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