Do you know any Jason Frieds?

From what I understand, the way they work over at 37signals is that Jason Fried will do interaction design, graphic design, HTML, and CSS coding, which he’ll then hand to David or some other programmer, which will add code.

That sounds like a great way to work. The visual presentation is really intricately tied to the interaction, you want to treat it as a whole. The programmer can eliminate most of the rework, because others have already figured out the details of what to code.

There’s only one little problem: I haven’t met any designers like that, apart from JF himself. I’ve met designers who design in HTML and CSS, which is definitely a plus. But none that also do the interaction part well.

Are there any such people out there, or is Jason unique?

Or maybe I’m misguided. There’s also Ryan and Matt, perhaps Jason doesn’t do all those things, but only some of them, and they do the rest. Can anyone offer any insight?

Have you found your Jason Fried?


My experience is that hiring a talented web interaction designer is the hardest possible role to fill currently. Partially because it requires a wide and rare range of talents, and partially because you have to weed through so many false hits. (everyone describes themsevles as a designer, or web designer, but what that means is all over the board) Most frustrating for me is I'm actually fairly good at interaction design (though not actual design), *unless* I have to code it. For some reason I find I can relate to a tools as a user, or as a programmer, but not as both.
Did you read "The Inmates":amazon:0672326140? It's _exactly_ one of Cooper's points, that you can't do both interaction design and programming on the same project, because programming makes such demands on your brain. And because when you brairstorm about options, you can't help but think about how hard it would be to code. I do see, however, that as frameworks make it easier to develop, it gets easier to do both.
By Lars Pind on Tue, Nov 22, 05 at 06:31 · Reply
If i had found "my jason fried" i would never in the world hand him over to you ;) But love the notion of "Have you found your jason fried".
The only site that I've found that may be a good way to find good people in the UI field is
Just to be clear, Ryan and I work together on a lot of these things. I'll work up initial concept and Ryan will flesh them out. We'll then throw them back and forth. We work together. The credit is shared.
By Jason Fried on Tue, Nov 22, 05 at 06:31 · Reply

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