Apple: Please make an external keyboard like the laptop ones

Dave Winer: “The keyboard is a bit awkward, wish it were the same layout and size as the keyboard on the iBook.”

Exactly! I have a veritable keyboard graveyard from gone through at least 5 keyboards for my mac so far, and the only one that really works for me is the built-in keyboard on my 12” PowerBook. Weird.

If only we could have an external one just like the PowerBook keyboard, but with a full row of F keys, and Option and Control keys on the right side as well, I’d be pretty satisfied. Don’t bother with the numeric keypad, it just pushes the mouse further away.

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David Turnbull

I agree. Found this site looked for exatly what you are talking about. I recently settled on a BTC 6100C. Now if someone would only make a SteerMouse but for keyboards I'd be one step closer to nirvana... which is the vaporous 13" multi-touch iTablet.
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