Carvlogging: Here to stay

My friend Pollas has done a brilliant video recording of himself as he drives his car to Flyvergrillen next to the Copenhagen Airport. It’s stunning. It’s very close up and intimate. And the production quality works remarkably well, despite it obviously being ridiculously low cost.

I totally love the outdoor scene at the airport, with the music and all. And the scene after that, where he tapes the video camera to the dashboard again is phenomenal.

For you non-Danish speakers, just fast-forward through all the talk until we get to the food joint just before 4 minutes into the thing.

I could see how this could get to be pretty time-consuming, since you can’t easily do something at the same time, like you can with audio, but it’s a great medium, I hope to see tons more like this from people I know and people I’d like to know. Thanks for checking your vanity at the door and showing us, Anders!


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