Planning and Execution

Much to my surprise, I have discovered that I in fact enjoy the planning and analysis required for good execution.

To me, what that means is taking a goal or a vision, and turning it into something very specific and actionable with dates and measurable targets and dependencies.

I’ve always tended to shy away from it because it is hard work and because it requires that I use a muscle that I don’t use too frequently, namely the one that gets specific and commits to one outcome or action over the millions of others that I could choose.

But as I’ve gotten a lot clearer on my personal goals, and the reasons they matter to me, it’s also become a lot easier to commit to specific actions to move me towards those goals.

And even though the task of thinking through the very specifics and analyzing all the options and dependencies and deciding on a clear execution plan is still tedious and painful, the payoff is immediate and substantial, making it very rewarding and worthwhile.

What’s the payoff? A feeling of clarity and power. Because I know what I want, and now I also know exactly how I’m going to get it. And because I did it myself instead of delegating it, I have a complete understanding of the dynamics, which makes me able to adjust on the fly. All in all, it makes me feel calm, focused, and happy.

Go execution!