This is broken: Gorenje Stovetop

The designers of this stovetop has managed to turn something as simple as turning the burners on and off or up and down into an exercise in endless clicking and limitless frustration.

First you click the on/off button to turn it on. Then you click the big button with the four dots until the number for the burner you want to adjust blinks. Then you press and hold the plus or minus signs to turn it up or down.

Why oh why would anyone ever want to make it harder to use a stove? It’s not hard as it is, and it’s not broken! Why bother with this?

I can forgive people for buying this the first time, because you would be forgiven for having enough faith in mandkind that a product as broken as this would never hit the market. After all, the only person I know who owns one of these hates it bitterly.

But the designers that made this, and the management that allowed such a product to be concocted and imposed upon the world are beyond salvage. What’s wrong with these people?

On a side note, there was also a dishwasher by gorenje, which was almost as puzzling and complicated to use. Avoid buying any product from them. Ever.