notebook_small.jpgI have now found a system for taking notes that I am exceedingly happy with, thanks to a combination of both Jacob Bøtter, Mark Hurst, and Harry Max.

First, at EuroGEL, which by the way was amazing, you should definitely go next year, Mark handed out these tiny 3×5 inch notebooks from Staples. I looked at it and winced. Way too small to be of use to me. I normally use an A4 size notebook, with plenty of space.

A few days later, I was with Jacob, who was fervently taking notes on Post-Its, mentioning how good it was that they were so small that he could always have it in his pocket. Having myself been caught without my notebook, I could see the point. I tried the Post-It note for a day, but it was too clumsy. That’s when I recalled Mark’s notebook.

The final touch was the pen. At first, I was using my standard Space Pen, but as I was walking around New York City day after day, often without my bag, I’d carry the notebook in my back pocket, and the Space Pen didn’t appreciate that. Enter Harry, who a few weeks before had shown me The Bullet. It’s tiny and opens up into a full-sized pen. You can sit on it, and it won’t complain. And if you’re not familiar with the space pen, the key feature is that it’s pressurized, so the ink will always flow, whether or not you hold it upwards or downwards. (In Europe, buy it here, you’ll get it in just a few days.)

This simple kit has served me really great for almost two months. When I’m at meetings or read stuff, I’ll take notes. If there’s an action item, I’ll put in on a the left page with a box next to it that I can check when it’s done. I’ll keep several running lists of things I need to talk to so and so about, or ideas for food to cook for dinner, and on and on. And the more I use it, the more ideas I get. It’s pure magick.

A big shout-out to all three of you.

UPDATE: Mark tells me that Cat Fitzgerald was the one who picked out the note books. Thanks to you, too, Cat!