The Calvin Show 005: New Year, No Resolutions

2016 is over and I say put down those "Resolutions"!

In this episode:
  • Avoid New Year pitfalls
  • Stop beating yourself up, you survived another year!
  • Does your brand have a Soul?

What is the New Year to you? Post your thoughts and questions in the comments. I love hearing from you.

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I love that Tara Brach story -- I just read that book last year. Lately I've been visualizing a team of enlightened beings who are cheering me on, caressing me, telling me that I'm perfect in every way, that I'm loved, that they have faith in me. It has helped me to feel much lighter and happier.
By Peter Markush on Wed, Jan 04, 17 at 11:59 · Reply
This was great Calvin! Absolutely perfect. This year I also started to go within first and ask myself what am I meant to create and bring to the world. So instead of doing the goal planning and working backwards from there. I am starting from my inner self and moving outwards. Love the way you go deeper with it and will start using this technique too. The branding question was great! And going deeper and being more vulnerable and bearing my company's soul as well as my own has been one of the best things I have done. Thank you for creating these! I appreciate you!
By Luci McMonagle on Wed, Jan 04, 17 at 14:32 · Reply
Calvin, thank you! You really got me thinking about the influence of my unconscious mind on my inability to conquer of goals I've had for a long time. No matter how many pep talks I give myself consciously, and no matter how much I learn about the thing I'm trying to beat, I still struggle. These are not deep, dire struggles. Just small things I'd like to improve in myself. Do you have more resources on how you tap into the unconscious part of ourselves beyond what you talk us here?
That's a great question, I'll make sure we address that in one of the upcoming episodes. Thank you, Grant!

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