The voices in my head that hold me back

Here's an incomplete list of the voices in my head that come up when I want to do or create or say something:

  • That's not really important or necessary
  • It's a dumb idea anyway
  • It's naff, people are going to laugh at you
  • Who do you think you are?
  • You don't know enough about that
  • There's something important that you don't know that makes everything you believe wrong
  • There's no market for that
  • You suck at selling anything
  • You have no sense of what people want
  • People don't want to be around you, you're disgusting and insecure. Please just stay away.
  • You talk too much about yourself.
  • People have no interest in what you have to say
  • You're not interesting
  • You're too much
  • Your sense of humor is not funny
  • People are tired of you
  • Shouldn't you rather …
    • pay off your debt
    • study some more
    • work harder
    • take more responsibility for your kids
    • get your shit together
  • Are you serious?? Now you've just proven yourself as being insane/untrustworthy/idiotic and no-one will never ever trust you again or have anything to do with you again
  • You have no right to do/say that

Recognize any? What are yours?


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