What magazines do you read?

I’ve been sampling various magazines recently and wanted to share my experience, and gather yours.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

  • Fast Company: The lastest issue was fantastic. I loved the behind-the-scenes articles on Al Gore, on the $15B bottled water industry, and a few other features. I’ve subscribed to this.
  • Inc.: I don’t have a recent issue, but I’ve bought a handful in the past. I recall finding it both useful and readable.
  • Entrepreneur: This I’m not so sure about. I’ve bought copies in the past, but I’ve always found it a bit boring, I’ve found myself gravitating towards other reading materials instead.
  • Business 2.0: I’ve only ever bought one issue of this one, back in the fall, and I was very positively surprised. What I remember was an interesting brief interview with Richard Branson, and the cover story on best business ideas was good, too. I might want to subscribe to this.
  • Scientific American: I bought the July issue for the cover story on memory, and it does have some interesting articles on global warming and cancer as well, but I don’t have the patience for it.
  • Wired This has felt more like a hit-or-miss experience. Sometimes it’ll be great, but mostly it’s just not terribly relevant. However, this is the only magazine on this list stocked by my local magazinemonger.

What are you reading? Are you reading something that I haven’t considered? What’s your favorite?


We have over 6,000 consumer magazines...take a look at www.magazineyellowpages.com. Exciting new stuff to oldest favorites...but what I like the best is that we track the 35-70 new magazine launches each month and let our customers and reporters know about them. Some of them we're able to alert consumers about before they even hit the newsstand. With the advent of the internet, groups are showing interests all over the place and a new magazine idea is born every day! Fun Stuff! Cathy Miller Beers!
By cathybeers@magazineyellowpages.com on Wed, Jul 18, 07 at 15:23 · Reply
"Technology Review":http://www.technologyreview.com/ - published by MIT, the magazine takes the reader through research findings, background articles, and what's going on on the net. This issue has a spread on how the Wii works. "Scientific American Mind":http://www.sciammind.com/ - articles that span multiple spreads with features and news about neuro science and psychology.
<a href="http://economist.com/">The Economist</a> - pretty much the only paper magazine I read, other than <a href="http://www.f1racing.co.uk/">F1 Racing</a> of course... The Economist keeps me up to date on foreign policy and the world at large. It also has surprisingly interesting and insightful special technology features from time to time. I do read <a href="http://www.fastcompany.com/">Fast Company</a> or <a href="http://money.cnn.com/magazines/business2/">Business 2.0</a> *very* occasionally. I remember seeing a panel on youth market trends - where the panel was actual young people, and the interviewers included Guy Kawasaki. Incredibly, nearly every one of the panel (representing a range of ages and demographics) read the paper version of Wired. Go figure.
By Mark Aufflick on Wed, Jul 18, 07 at 15:23 · Reply

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