Synthetic Happiness

Watched this brilliant talk by Dan Gilbert over breakfast.

It’s about synthetic happiness, and how it’s every bit as good as any other happiness. There seems to be this mentality that happiness has different qualities. That it’s only good enough if it’s earned through something nice happening to you. The science seems to say that in fact happiness is independent of what you get or what happens to you, that it comes from inside. That’s pretty good to know, isn’t it?

By the way, there’s something tremendously beautiful about starting the day with 20 minutes of fresh inspiration. I’m going to do this again.

Thanks to Jonas Thing for the link.


And the book is great too: JT
By Jonas Thing on Fri, Jan 26, 07 at 02:42 · Reply
I was also surfing around Ted talks this weekend. Check out Sir Ken Robinson talk about "how we are educated out of creativity": Good and funny speaker :)

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