Cucina Media, Inc.

Cucina Media, the company behind PublicSquare, founded by Christina Wodtke and myself, is now incorporated in Delaware. Just-in-time incorporation, as the product launch is now imminent.


Congratulations - very cool! Looking forward to the anouncement :)
By Mark Aufflick on Fri, Oct 27, 06 at 17:49 · Reply
Good stuff! Delaware, I used to live there - more corporations than citizens, or something, and the only American state to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Dupont :-)
Nice to see you, and to see Christina's site too. I am just going through the tools you guys put up (PublicSquare) and I really think it is an interesting approach that differs from typical CMS tools. I am facinated by the discussions Christina posted on where you go next, and hope you resolve the 'how to get people to know about us' stuff. So - Rails now after OpenACS...I have tangental experiance with Phillip. Your descriptions match those I get from others, and your loss and gain from the Ars experince strikes a chord in me for my own old lost firm. How are you finding Rails? It appears to me to be sort of a perfect start up tool. Hope to see more post, and hope for your success with PublicSquare.
By on Fri, Oct 27, 06 at 17:49 · Reply

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