I'm Hiring!

I have four businesses that all exist to raise the maturity level of people all over the world.

I'm always looking for people who are smart, driven, hungry to prove themselves, and moved by my mission.

Especially if you've been fired because you refused to take a vaccine. I'm very much pro vaccine, and even more pro people's right to make their own health care decisions.

I'm doing software, workouts, meal replacement, coaching, and building my personal brand.

I need help fulfilling my mission to raise the maturity level of people all over the world to create a new crop of mature powerful leaders.

Currently I'm ONLY hiring in New York City.

I'm looking for:

  • Marketing generalists (copywriting, storytelling, funnels, email marketing, partnerships, ads, SEO, social media, etc.)
  • Photo, video, video editer
  • Strategic Assistant/biz ops - own and run projects in partnership with me

You'll help me build my personal brand, market Simplero, and launch Body Meal, and BVA.

I'm looking for people who are hungry to learn and is interested in less pay and more mentorship and education.

I have access to phenomenal peers, mentors, and advisors, and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the best coaching, mentorship, and education.

I want to work with people who are aching to mop all of that up, and advance their life and their career.

As you grow in expertise and start delivering ROI, we will bump your comp commensurably.

I'm just being super up-front about this, because this is what my needs are at this point.

Fresh out of college, even still in college, or just a few years of experience is probably going to be the sweet spot here.

Also, I will require you to record a 1-minute video of yourself and upload it to YouTube unlisted, and share the link with me.



I'm looking for people who are hungry to learn and who value mentorship and education


Our Core Values

These are the values we live and die by. See how you stack up. And be honest. Don't just throw your name in the hat and waste everybody's time. We'll weed you out.

Intelligent Simplicity - We take a streamlined approach to all tasks, cutting away the inertia of complexity to optimize our results.

Conscious Communication - We communicate clearly and honestly, with a language of respect, compassion, and humor.

Take Action - We trust our own judgments and claim our own authority; if you can make something better sooner, do it. 

Radical Responsibility - We own the success of the mission on an individual level, internalizing the purpose and vision of our work.

Exponential Excellence - We start the bar high and set it higher every timeif something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it well.

Collective Expansion - We continually learn, grow, and share our journey, drinking from a firehose when it comes to personal growth in the service of something bigger.

Ready to apply?

Any questions? @ mention me on Twitter.