I’m here to raise the maturity level of people all over the world

I was born dead. Strangled in my own umbilical cord. In other words, my life started with a near-death experience. That shaped me for life. It gave me a strong connection to the divine. It also caused a lot of pain. The "other side" can be so appealing compared to this.

That's why I strive to bring the light and love of the "other side" into the physical world we humans must interact with, to make the experience just a little sweeter.

I do that through information, coaching, products, and services.

Raising the Maturity Level

My mission is to raise the maturity level of people all over the world—mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

How? By raising my own, and sharing what I learn to guide others on how to  do the same.

Mental maturity is about how we relate to our thoughts. Are you aware of your thoughts? Do you practice thinking on a regular basis? Are you aware of your beliefs? Do you question your thoughts and beliefs? In order to grow, you have to be questioning and changing your beliefs all the time. In order to get good at thinking, you have to practice. It’s hard. Most people don’t realize how hard it is because they’ve never actually done it.

Emotional maturity is about how we relate to our emotions. Humans are emotional beings. Everything we do, we do to either avoid or feel certain emotions. Most people alternate between suppressing their emotions and vomiting them out. Neither is healthy. A healthy relationship with your emotions is when you’re able to feel any feeling that arises and let them flow through your body with no resistance. We all have a lot of old emotions that we buried because they were too much for us at the time. They need to get released. When you get triggered by a situation, it’s always a pointer to one of those situations. We need to learn to use triggers to heal, not blame.

Physical maturity is about taking care of your body and your health. At 47, I’m feeling younger and healthier than I ever have in my life. At some point I’m sure some things are going to deteriorate, but we’ve bought into a myth that as you get older you get weaker and you have more and more pain. Bullshit. Or at least it comes way later than we think. We have to train our bodies, and we have to eat healthy. Your body needs to be lean and strong and flexible and healthy. There’s just no excuse for not taking care of your body. We all have one. We know what it takes. And your body is what makes life worth living. Many people try to outsource responsibility for their body to their doctor. It doesn’t work that way. It’s your body. It’s your responsibility.

Spiritual maturity is about meaning, purpose, and being connected to something bigger in your life. I believe we’re all here for a reason. We chose to incarnate on this planet at this time in order to fulfill a specific mission. It’s your job to find out what that is, and then give your all. Even if you don’t buy into that, we humans need a sense of meaning and purpose to thrive. So go find yours. And feeling a sense of belonging and connectedness with other people is critical for our well-being.

There’s just no excuse for not taking care of your body... your body is what makes life
worth living”

How Come?

After the 2016 election, I got into politics in a big way. Did a lot of research, talked to a bunch of people, and got involved in social media. It opened my eyes.

The big thing I realized was that you cannot change the world through politics. US politics in particular is too nasty, toxic, dishonest, and corrupt.

More broadly, whenever the topic comes to politics, people stop listening to each other, and they get emotionally triggered. We as people are just not ready to create a world that works better than the current one until we’re able to be more mature about it all.

I don’t care which “side” you’re on. The left-right tribal nature of politics is not helpful. We need to focus on what we want and what works to get there, not which team you’re on. And we need everybody to be on board. We cannot just coerce half the population and call it a day.

That is why I’m on a mission to build the greatest force for personal growth the world has ever seen so maybe in 20 years or so, we’ll be able to. I’m going to do this by bringing together the best coaches, trainers, educators, consultants, and spiritual teachers with the best marketers and business people, so we can reach people at scale and help them raise their maturity.


Because once we as humanity are more mature, we will be able to create a better world for ourselves.

Human beings are unbelievably imaginative and creative. We bend the world to our will all the time. We can create our world and our lives any way we want to, within the laws of physics … which gives us a much wider playground to play within than we’re able to comprehend.

If we can create the world any way we want to, why the fuck did we create it this way? So many people are miserable. Sick. Scared. In pain. Overweight. Stressed out. Lonely. Poor. Hungry. Sad.

Frame 28

Why did we create our world to deliver this outcome?

Human beings are designed to be clear thinking, happy, healthy, strong, and spiritually connected. We’re so far from that, we’ve forgotten that’s even the ideal.

How can we create a world that works better?

That’s a big question, and I have a longer answer in an upcoming book. For now, let me just say that socialism is not the answer. Government is not the answer. Nonprofits are not the answer. The answer is business. And in particular: entrepreneurs. Conscious entrepreneurs. Mature entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs who make the world better through their products and services.
Entrepreneurs who understand that their values and their character are non-negotiable.

Entrepreneurs who add value to every single human being who comes into contact with them, and makes bank.

Entrepreneurs who go above and beyond to serve their customers, and that’s the secret sauce to their success and their profits.

Human beings are designed to be clear thinking, happy, healthy, strong, and spiritually connected.

My Businesses

My own businesses are how I learn through experience exactly how to create businesses that operate in this way, so I can teach others how to do the same.

The only way I can really learn things is by trying a lot of stuff and seeing what works. One of my tag lines is “I’ve tried it all so you don’t have to.” That is so true for me. They serve as living proof that it’s possible to operate in this way and be successful by any measure.

And they all work directly or indirectly to raise the maturity level of people mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Currently Simplero is up and running and growing, and I’m launching Body Meal and BVA.

Simplero is a platform for coaches, trainers, educators, consultants, and spiritual teachers to make a living by raising their clients’ maturity at scale.

Body Meal is a vegan power meal in powder form that you mix with water or juice or whatever you fancy. You can replace one meal a day, or replace two meals a day, or just live off of the damn thing for as long as you want, and you’ll only get more and more healthy. And your palate will adjust and your body will start craving more and more healthy foods. It’s phenomenal. (Legal disclaimer: This is not medical advice and these statements have not been validated by research.)

BVA is a family of workout programs that are radically different from anything else on the market. Pafei, BVA Yoga, and 5-8 more that are coming down the line. They make your body strong and flexible, work on your muscles, joints, organs, and energy system, and open the youth portals in your body. They’re out of this world phenomenal.

Both Body Meal and BVA were created by the genius behind the initials BVA—Bengt Valentino Andersen. Third generation founder of Body-SDS body therapy, former European Karate Champion, and secret weapon for top athletes and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Collectively, Body Meal and BVA work through the body to raise maturity levels across the board: physically, obviously, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Ask me how and I’ll elaborate. Also, the code word is 37.

Next I’m going to launch a community for entrepreneurs who are aligned with this mission. And after that, I have ideas for a truck ton of other products and services to offer. We’ll see how far we get. To connect it all, there’s my personal brand, where I aim to generously teach and share everything I learn along the way.

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Religion 2.0

A big reason for the problems we’re seeing in our society right now comes from the breakdown of organized religion in the Western world. Chrisitanity in particular served as guardrail and moral compass. It generally steered people in a direction that worked for them, and worked for society.

When life is reduced to seeking pleasure, humans decompose. It’s not good for us. It’s not how human beings work. We need to do things that are hard and challenging and grow mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. That is how we grow. And growth is what makes life work. Everything in life needs to grow, or it’ll die. Humans are no different.

In the absence of organized religion, some people have gone the complete materialist route, and others have gone in a million different spiritual directions. I love that people are experimenting and finding what works for them, but it doesn’t help us create that sense of connectedness and belonging that organized religion used to do.

I don’t see us going back to what we had, but I do see the possibility that through Einsteinian science and beyond, we can actually find insights out of which could form a scientifically based “religion” that can unite people again. Based on my research into this, I do believe that’s possible, and I’d love to be part of making that happen.

... my vision is that the people would start asking questions about why you’d want to make this particular change …”

Special Advisor to POTUS

In 2013 on my birthday while living in India, my wife asked me a deep life question. I forget the question, but I’ll never forget the answer: “I want to be a special advisor to the President of the United States on conscious nation building.”

That came out of my mouth as a fully formed sentence. Never thought it before. Never ever thought anything even remotely in this direction. But my emotional reaction was unmistakable. I had tears in my eyes for the next 20 minutes. Tears of awe and inspiration and excitement for the magnitude of the task.

Here’s what I plan to do in this role. I want to create an open source blueprint for how humans can organize themselves and form governments, that is derived from core values and first principles, and then built up methodically from there, just like the universe of math is built from first principles.

I want to gather and learn from the smartest people in the world on every relevant topic to help me do that. This blueprint will be something that any government anywhere in the world can base their laws and institutions and regulations on, and get predictable results that work for people.

In fact, if you want to deviate from it, my vision is that the people would start asking questions about why you’d want to make this particular change … and you’d better have a good answer.

It’ll be ever evolving based on what we learn, and always based on what actually works in practice, not what we wish worked, or what we name it.

Clearly laid out and logically constructed. I want to work with the President, both to help get access to people, to begin to work on actually implementing this in the US. And no, I don’t care which president, as long as they’re aligned with my mission.


This is my mission, this is the work I’m here to do, and I love that so many people are inspired by this mission and want to join in the work. At the end of the day, what I’ve found in my life is that by doing the inner work to raise my maturity level, everything else becomes simple. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more.

And do check out my companies and see if the products and services we offer are for you, or if you’d perhaps want to work for us or partner with us. Either way, we’re here to serve.

Spirituality done right is just reality.