Spiritual Entrepreneurship

I talk a lot about Spiritual Entrepreneurship.

It came from discovering my life purpose in February of 2008, realizing that I'm here to integrate spirituality and entrepreneurship.

Here's what I mean by that, in brief bullet points:

  1. Knowing and living your purpose
    1. My life purpose as founder
    2. Supporting employees, customers, and everyone else in living their life purpose
  2. Personal/spiritual growth as the key lever
    1. Focusing on my own growth is the biggest lever for business growth and thus contribution through business
    2. Coaching team members to support their growth
  3. Become a clean instrument
    1. Entrepreneurship is the fastest way for us to face all our issues so we can resolve them.
    1. Solve problems through inner and outer work
    2. “Enlightenment through entrepreneurship”
    3. Question beliefs
    4. Feel feelings
    5. Excitement over fear
    6. Dance with the universe
  4. Be present
    1. Journey over destination
    2. Being in the present moment, not past or future
    3. Realizing that what you do ultimately doesn’t matter, except to the extent that you're expanding in love and become a catalyst for others
  5. Serve
    1. The ultimate work is opening more to love
    2. Simplero's slogan is “spreading love through software”
    3. Our product or offering is our “giving back”
    4. Be of service to everyone that comes into contact with us
    5. Leave everyone’s lives uplifted by our presence
  6. Intuition
    1. Listen to our intuition and inner guidance
    2. Speak our truth
    3. Trust that it’ll all work out
  7. Creativity
    1. Requires both your masculine & feminine sides
    2. Ideas are spiritual entities that need your help manifesting
    3. Creativity ultimately comes from your sexuality / life force