What's Your Lovit Strategy? 


Be happy now, and create because it brings you bliss to do so. Let it all be a celebration of being alive. That's the most fun and effective way to be an entrepreneur.



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What Are You Really After? 

 Happiness. Contribution. 

How Do We Get It Today? 

Knowing that you can be happy and have all your needs met no matter what happens is the only true security.


Blast Your Path to Bliss

Screw what anyone tells you. The ultimate act of anarchy is being yourself. 

  • “Calvin has a great way of picking up on internal blocks, identifying them, and challenging you on them in a way that is kind and gentle, and packs a punch.”

    Shirani Pathak, LCSW

    From Surviving to Thriving: Helping women achieve success in relationships

  • “This is a fantastic recommendation!”

    John Doe

    CEO, John Doe Corp

  • “This is a fantastic recommendation!”

    John Doe

    CEO, John Doe Corp

  • “This is a fantastic recommendation!”

    John Doe

    CEO, John Doe Corp


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About Calvin

Calvin Correli is an artist, entrepreneur, and the CEO of a holistically focused, multi-million dollar software company called Simplero. Calvin is passionate about helping online business owners do exactly what brings them most alive and is currently working on branching out to bring all of his talents including music, spirituality and personal growth into an exciting new service for entrepreneurs.



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Calvin Correli


Founder & CEO of Simplero — popular interview guest and speaker

"What if everything is exactly as it should be?"