It's time for a




We miss you guys, really! It's time for you to join Calvin
and I for another Correli Party™. 

Can't wait to chat, cheer, jam some music and dance with you. 

It's happening on October 21st at 8pm - last man stands...
or Nomi throws you out ;) 

Calvin's brother and his wife will be joining us
(all the way from Denmark).

Are you joining us? We sincerely hope so. 

Please RSVP in the box below, so we know how many to shop and prep for. 

BTW. Have I told you that Calvin has bought an amazing smoke machine?
Cocktails are even better now, and more fun.   

Oh, and the famous Italien ice cream machine that
can also make ... FROZEN DRINKS! It's so damn great. 

Join us, and let's create a fun night with weird cocktails,
lots of love and connection, music and fun. 

Nomi & Calvin Correli