Join a Mastermind Dinner

Mastermind with other high-level
trailblazers, entrepreneurs, artists, free thinkers, and mavericks.

Incredible location. Outstanding food and drink.
Raw, real, and intimate.
Completely free.

What more could you ask for?

I host regular mastermind dinners for entrepreneurs, artists, trailblazers, and mavericks at my place in New York City overlooking the East River and midtown Manhattan.

This is your opportunity to join one of those. There's no charge, but there is an application and screening process.

Food & cocktails prepared by me, personally. I'm a passionate cook, with exquisite tastes, a soft spot for Italian food, and a skilled mixologist. Prepared to be pampered.

The purpose of the dinner is to create real connection, build real relationships, and hopefully leave with a couple new lasting friendships.

It's small, intimate, raw, and personal. Each dinner is just 3-6 people including me.

I curate the group to bring great people together that I think would enjoy getting to know each other. There's a solid screening process, so you know you'll be matched up with someone great.

The menu changes, but I have a soft spot for wagyu beef and authentic Italian meats like prosciutto, salami and pancetta. We might do a classic cocktail theme, or a wine theme, or a tiki drink theme. Simple but great is the name of the game.

Interested? Apply to join below. It's free, but there's a screening process.

Not interested, but know someone who's a match? Send them the link to here.

  • Calvin Correli

    “There is not much better than sharing a meal and fascinating, authentic conversation with interesting people. I'm so grateful that Calvin and I met and that we, along with his other remarkable guests, will undoubtedly be philosophizing the meaning of life and purpose over a meal long into the future!”

    Founder, Caffé Unimatic

  • Calvin Correli

    “Calvin’s mastermind dinner was the perfect combo of good conversation, great company, excellent food, and spectacular drinks! We talked about fitness, goals, personal growth, and spirituality. I can’t wait till the next one!”

    Founder and CEO of Vimbly Group, which invests in and grows technology-enabled companies.

  • Calvin Correli

    “When you mix high level entrepreneurs with a first class culinary experience all while having an amazing host you get something extraordinarily unique.

    A perfect combination of wonderful flavors along side some very deep conversations with some of the greatest minds in the city. My mind was opened to alot of new ideas and concepts and I've made some good friends and connections from the experience.

    If you get the honor to be a part of one of these events I highly recommend that you take the opportunity as there is nothing like it out there.
    Looking forward to future events!”

    CEO of Ministry of Attraction, Dating Coach

  • Calvin Correli

    “Calvin has really created something magical. Yes it’s a dinner. Yes it’s a group of entrepreneurs connecting. However the Magic is the mix of the beautiful space, the creative drinks, the love for food, the complete trust allowing for open conversations, and of course the people.

    It’s one of those experiences that you just want more of after you leave.”

    Chief Love Officer, Ammortal

  • Calvin Correli

    “What an awesome evening!!! Great food, great people, great conversation, fun dog, awesome view, live piano music. What more could you ask for?”

    Co-Founder & President, Signal Insights

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

What kind of people are a fit?

I'm a man of many talents and passions. I'm interested in connecting with and connecting people with a diverse set of interests, including:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Software
  • Music and songwriting
  • Politics
  • Athletics, sports, and physical training
  • Coaching
  • Spirituality
  • Leadership
  • Self improvement
  • Information marketing
  • Medicine and alternative healing modalities
  • Physics
  • Food and drink
  • Media and journalism
  • Comedy

What if I don't live in NYC?

If you're planning to go anytime soon, still get in touch, and we can put you on a list for a future event. Just keep in touch and let us know when you'll be in town.

What if I know someone who'd be perfect?

Send them the link to this page and have them apply. I'm always looking to connect with great people.

What about the COVID thing?

I've done a ton of research on it. If you're below the age of 55 and generally in good health, you're fine. Socially distance and maybe wear a mask around old people and those with medical issues. The rest of us would do best to go about our daily lives. Human beings need in-person social contact. It's not natural or healthy to isolate.

For more, read Alex Berenson's Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns part 1 and part 2.

Both are highly recommended.

Who are you?

My name is Calvin Correli. I'm a SaaS founder, serial entrepreneur, spiritual teacher, musician, foodie, future advisor to the President of the United States, author, and more.

Yeah, I'm multi-passionate, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

To get to know more about me, read My Story and My Work, and check me out on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.