How to register a company with a specific filing date in Nevada

I’m into numerology. I changed my name (multiple times), and my life has been infinitely better since. For more on my thoughts and feelings about numerology, read here.

When incorporating based on numerology, you need to file on the correct date for the name.

So how do you do that? It can be a bit tricky. Also, I’m not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice. Just what I found out on my own.

Some of the services out there, like LegalZoom and others, cannot necessarily guarantee the correct filing date.

So I decided to set out to do it myself. I needed to register a couple of businesses, and I choose Nevada as the state to incorporate in because of its business friendly laws.

So how do you do it?

It’s pretty simple.

They have an online portal, called Silverflume. You can go register the company there. You don’t even need to upload bylaws or resolutions or anything like that.

The one thing you do need if you’re not located in Nevada yourself, is a Registered Agent. There’s tons of them out there. I’ve worked with Legalinc and Rocket Lawyer in the past. Another is Nevada Resident Agent. They’re by far the cheapest I’ve found. No idea about quality, but this stuff ain’t complicated.

In order to file, you need a Certificate of Acceptance that this registered agent accepts you as a client. Which means you need to sign up with them before you file with the state.

I didn’t realize that, so last minute I was struggling to find an agent that would get back to me the same day to provide that document. Because if it was delayed, that would delay my filing, and I’d miss my filing date and have to come up with brand new names for the company.

I managed to get someone on the phone at Legalinc who was helpful. But then later in the day when I needed my second one, we spent hours on hold before finally getting through to a human.

It does look like Nevada Resident Agent provides this document in an automated way so you can just sign up and download yourself, no human interaction required. That’s preferable. But I’m not 100% sure if a person ended up being involved. I’d have to check next time.

When filing online, the filing goes through immediately, so that’s great. You just have to do it on the day.

When I filed my first company in Delaware in 2013, my lawyer found out how to expedite the papers and hand deliver them so we got the filing on the correct date, so this was definitely easier.

Lesson for next time is, get the registered agent thing sorted in advance. That was really the only sticking point here.

So that’s how you do it in Nevada. Other states may differ.

Best advice is to check out the process end-to-end well in advance so you can have everything lined up before the big day.

Good luck!


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