Coffee with Calvin #90 - creativity, fake news, and crazies running for office


Topics Covered: 

  • Personal Coaching - Moving people closer to who they are.
  • Sleep deprivation.
  • Being proud of what you make.
  • Understand how life gets better.
  • Tap into creativity.
  • John Newman’s Song “Fire in Me.” 
  • What is Fake news? 
  • Fake news article in the Wiki Tribune. 
  • Sarah Saunders and “the enemy of the people” comment. 
  • Zephyr Teachout on Abolishing ICE and “Illegal People.”
  • ICE - Tasked with keeping the US Secure.
  • The press turning people against Trump. "Trump Anxiety Disorder." 
  • Illegal Immigrants cost US Citizens $94,000 per immigrant.


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