Coffee with Calvin #88 - Megan Lathrop on money beliefs and what that means for policies


Topics Covered:

  • Money Journey.
  • Self Reflection in money.
  • Personal Sovereignty.  We are 100% responsible for our reaction to our own experience.
  • Moving out of a victimhood response.  Instead, embrace what is and finding your path.
  • Scarcity and not having enough money. Healing previous hurts and turning healing into abundance.
  • Connection is a doorway to abundance.
  • Use props to connect to your finances.
  • Realizing retail therapy to replace the loss of intimacy.
  • How to support people struggling with financial issues: Communities where people contribute their gifts.
  • Break out of what is holding you back.
  • Claiming the life you want to have.
  • Parenting.
  • Become the loving parents around our financial life. Our whole life. Our well being.  Continue on the journey.


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