Coffee with Calvin #85 - A future so bright you'll have to wear sunglasses.

On today's show, I'm going to lay out my vision for the future, as I'd like to see it. It's super important to know where we're going, if we're ever going to get there...! 

  • A world where everyone's healthy and happy
  • Where they're singing on their way to work, while at work, at home, dancing through the streets with the bus!
  • Where bullshit jobs are eliminated - Bullshit Jobs: A Theory  David Graeber.
  • Where wasteful government spending is eliminated
  • Where people have lots of money left over, because government and markets are efficient.
  • Where people think about their work in the shower, dreaming up ways to improve things around them
  • Where there's no need for unions, because people generally know how to stand up for themselves, and they have alternatives, so they don't have to put up with shitty situations
  • Where we can afford to offer coaching to people who don't have a job and can't think of anything that could contribute to other people and generate income for them.
  • Where crime is low because there are good alternatives to crime, and because drugs are legal so there's no drug money to fund organized crime
  • Where prisons are seen as places to get people to contribute to society, more so than a place to punish people for bad behavior
  • Where men and women know that we love, respect, and need each other, while at the same time having plenty of playful conflict, and lots of attraction, flirtation, and sex
  • Where men and women know how to respect their own boundaries and get others to respect them as well.
  • Where people get a good education that's actually useful, including thoughts, feelings, health, relationships, money, self-defense, etc.


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