Coffee with Calvin #81 - The kids are running the kindergarten!


  • Giving children antidepressants.
  • 70,000 children in Britain and 42 Million people in America taking Anti-Depressants.
  • Depression, prozac, and suicide
  • The Stigma of Depression.
  • Thoughts affect your body. The chemistry in your body is triggered by your brain.
  • Treat people so they know how to handle themselves.
  • Adults need to reassure children they are in control of situations. 
  • Children will try and take control of a situation when they don’t feel an adult has.  But it is not healthy for them and stunts their emotional growth into healthy adults.
  • Others can be resources and help you, but the work can only be done by you.  You must re-parent yourself and your children.
  • Notice your inner child and take care of them.
  • The shift of boys turning into feminine men.
  • Hawk on Twitter: Being a Victim.
  • Blame does not help anyone move forward.
  • Anti-Depressants - Don’t do it.  Learn to work through your feelings.   Parenting.
  • Body SDS.
  • Free Range Kids by Lenore Skenazy.   


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