Coffee with Calvin #80 - Trump & The Feds, the importance of self-talk, love and our unconscious.


•“Outrage” over Trump’s war with Feds.
Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. 
•How you perceive yourself is how your life will turn out.
•Your conscious mind vs. the unconscious mind.
War on Poverty since 1964 (starting at 19%, 12% today). 
•Unless you fix the mindset, nothing is going to change.
•How you speak to yourself is the message your body is going to get. If you continue to criticize the thing you don’t like hoping that it is going to make it better, but really what you are addicted to is the criticizing.  
•We need to love our flaws.
•Sitting with and finding the root cause of your frustration.
•We tend to raise taxes, so we can pay money to people where it is going to do more harm than good.
•We need to get clear on what we want, and then clear out all the unconscious part that is not serving us.
•You can’t blame frustration on your situation. Where is the block to getting the help and support you need?
•We can use our mind to create freedom or we can use it to create suffering.


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