Coffee with Calvin #78 - Trump colludes with Putin, and why virtue signaling actually sucks

  • Dieting for your body.
  • Mono Diet.
  • Trump in Cahoots with Putin
  • Let the past be the past and move forward.
  • Work with Russia.
  • Virtue signaling.
  • DHH Tweet
  • Creates and Maintains victims.
  • Drama Triangle.
  • The victim, Villian and Hero.
  • Being the Hero strokes your ego and creates the need for a victim.
  • Many people feel they are a victim of something. It becomes an addictive cycle.
  • Immigrants and Border Issues.
  • There can be two competing virtues.
  • The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam by Douglas Murray.  
  • A leader needs to have the courage of their convictions and take the heat.
  • “Being millennial in 2018 … “ tweet
  • Is it actually helpful to give someone something that wasn’t earned?
  • If someone is really bad at a job, you are not helping them out if they are not cut out for a specific job by being compassionate in your dealings with them.
  • Being the “hero” might cause harm all around you.
  • European Immigration: There are consequences to changing the rules of a system.
  • Child Labor. The loss of relationship and understanding of parent’s jobs.
  • Broken Music: A Memoir by Sting.  


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