How I think about health care - Coffee with Calvin #111


Ericka Castro Mar 23, 2020 02:18pm

AMEN BROTHER!  I was 38 and overweight, bloated, exhausted, and miserable; so much so that I decided to go to an endocrinologist because I was sure that I had some sort of thyroid disease.  It turns out I was pre-diabetic even though I was eating a "healthy diet" of whole grains, fruit, occasional meat and vegetables, just like the doctors told me to do.  

The doctor scheduled an appointment for me to come in and get a prescription for Metformin, she never discussed dietary or lifestyle changes that I could make to help myself.  

Calvin, I was WAY too young to have what I thought was an "old person" disease, there was NO WAY I was going to sit back and let this happen.  I went home and got on the internet and googled "how to cure pre-diabetes", this introduced me to the wonderful world of the Paleo lifestyle..  That day I threw away all of the food in my house, all of the oatmeal, whole grain bread, PB&J, and went out and bought some pastured meat and piles of low-glycemic vegetables, I started moving again, hiking more with my dogs, lifting heavy things.... in two weeks I lowered my fasting blood sugar over 20 points.

I WAS SO PROUD, I could not wait to go to the doctor and share my success with her, to celebrate the start of my journey to health.

She came into the exam room, and I pulled out my new blood test results and said to her "Look at what I did!  I lowered my blood sugar  over 20 points with this new diet and exercise routine, isn't it GREAT???"  She stopped, sat for a minute looking at me, then said "I guess you don't need me anymore."  Then she turned on her heel and walked out on me without another word.

That doctor taught me two very important lessons...

1. No one is going to look out for you better than you.

2. The solution to most problems starts with going back to basics and figuring out how to repair the foundation, whether it's the mind or body, the foundation upon which you build yourself has to be solid or you'll constantly be falling and having to rebuild.

The good news is that since then, just with these lifestyle changes, I have also eliminated all four thyroid nodules and reduced my enlarged thyroid, eliminated all breast lumps, effortlessly dropped 30 lbs, eliminated all prescription medications, and feel as good as I did in my 20's!

I hope that if people like us keep sharing our message of health and success more people will follow.  



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Wow, that's an amazing story, Ericka! Thank you so much for sharing!

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