Being a Conscious Startup

Together, we’re defining a new form of entrepreneurship that’s relevant for the time we live in and the challenges humanity is facing. A form of entrepreneurship that is based in love, not fear.

Conscious Startups …

  • Are more obsessed with creating something meaningful and worthwhile than they are with fame and fortune
  • Aren’t looking to exit, because to them, it’s not just a business, it’s an extension of who they are
  • Give a fuck
  • Have the courage to keep their hearts open
  • Listen to and follow their inner voice and intuition
  • Live out their highest calling
  • Have the courage to face the truth about themselves & their motivations
  • Are willing to look at themselves to clear the things that are contaminating their actions and relationships
  • Dare to be the truest expression of who their are
  • Dare to face their fear
  • Dare to be vulnerable
  • Dare to love
  • Maximize love for everyone, inside and outside their business
  • Don’t care what other people think
  • Are willing to be ruthless when that’s what’s called for
  • Follow their heart and calling with a fervor that stops for nothing and no-one
  • Bring their entire selves to work
  • Bring their higher selves to work
  • Speak their truth
  • Live their truth
  • Act from a state of presence, a place of truth
  • Trust their inner visions and guidance
  • Go slow to go fast
  • Use both their right and left brains
  • Use both their masculine and feminine energies
  • Use skull brain, heart brain and gut brain
  • Strive to create something meaningful
  • Focus on having an impact rather than fame and fortune
  • Focus on being first, doing second

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