What Kind of Coaching Do I Do?

Someone asked me the other day what kind of coaching I do. It’s a great question.

I do alignment coaching. I do “being” coaching.

I don’t work with people who are new to personal development. I don’t work with people who are not ready to take responsibility for their lives.

I don’t do marketing coaching. I don’t do traditional business coaching. I don’t do “here’s a proven formula to achieve this” coaching.

I do work with people who are ready to learn the truth about themselves. Who are ready to go deep and look at themselves. Who are ready to let go of the old habitual patterns that are no longer serving and move into something much more free and natural and flowing and fulfilling.

I’m constantly listening for what’s underneath everything that’s going on, what’s really blocking the natural flow of life here. Is it something you’re not willing to admit. Is it some block in your body somewhere. Is it some belief that’s in the way? Is it some fundamental misunderstanding about how life or spirit works? Is it some old emotional pain that’s been suppressed? What is really going on here? And what needs to happen in order for it to be released, so you can be free and alive and you.

I’ll also say that if you’ll need money to invest besides just my fee, because I’m probably going to be asking you to do other things that are going to help you, which cost money, and which I myself isn’t the best to do. If I can see that what needs to happen with you is something with your body, or I think that someone that I know and trust might help you with this piece, I’m going to ask you to do that. I’m not here just to spin the wheels talking to you week after week. I’m here to see you taking radical step in your life into becoming who you really are.

I can also guarantee you this: The day you feel like you’re done with me and you’d be better served working with someone else, or not working with anyone for a while, I’m not going to make you wrong for that, and I’m not going to just cut you off. To me, that’s just how it works. You learn different things from different people in different periods in your life, and you’re free to always move about.

You never want to turn any one person into your guru. You are your guru. No-one has a monopoly on the truth. Only you know your truth, and that’s what you ultimately need to learn to trust and listen to. That’s what I want for you.

I hope this clarifies a bit.