There Are Many Ways to Make Money

I was out walking with my wife and my dog today, and we were talking about business models. There are so many teachers and gurus out there teaching how to make money (online, always online, of course), that it’s easy to forget that there are a million ways to make money. Just because they make money one way doesn’t mean you have to.

Specifically there are many people teaching how to make money with ecommerce or information marketing. Both are great businesses. I’m partial to information marketing because there’s no inventory and no shipping and no manual labor involved. It’s a great business model. And it’s even greater because it’s easy to teach. It’s replicatable. Teaching someone how to create Amazon or Twitter or Facebook is going to be a lot harder. These types of businesses are relatively easy to teach how to do, and I’m not knocking on them at all.

I just want you to remember that there are millions of other ways to make money. To me, everything in life is, or can be, an art form. You can be artistic about the way you ride your bike, or cook a meal, or write a blog post, or write software, or create music, or … create a business. So allow yourself to be artistic about it. Find new ways. More importantly, find your own way.

My favorite example of this is Matt Harding from For years, he traveled the world making videos of himself dancing a silly dance, and getting paid for it. Another, completely different example, is Donald Trump, who used to make money by constructing buildings in New York, but now mostly makes his money by letting people use his name for money (a business that’s quickly being eroded by his remarks during his recent run for presidents).

There’s simply no limit to the ways in which you can make money, if you put your creativity toward it.

One specific tool that I recommend for this is the Wealth Dynamics Profile. It is the personality profile that’s had the biggest impact on my life. It really opened my eyes to my unique strengths and how I best make money. And I specifically used it as a criteria when hiring my COO recently.

So allow yourself to step outside the cookie-cutter mold and really see what path may be true for you when it comes to making money, online or off.