How much time are you wasting right now?

When I look back at the past 5 or 10 years of being in business … there’s a lot of wasted effort.

Countless hours spent coding things that didn’t need coding. 

Contemplating products and launches and writing sales pages for products that were never put on the market. 

Or launching products that were put on the market, and then scrapped.

Hours spent applying for visas that got rejected because the energy just wasn’t there.

Or setting up companies that had to be closed again – at great expense.

All that time, I could’ve spent making love, playing with my kids, reading a book, enjoying the feeling of the sun’s rays on my body, cooking a wonderful meal, playing music, driving my motorcycle, or just fooling around.

(And I’d most likely have made much more money that way!)

Think back over your life. How much of the effort you’ve put in has been wasted?

It’s worth reminding ourselves of this whenever we feel the urge to busy ourselves.

Very rarely is it worth it.

So make it a habit to notice when you feel the urge to be busy, and to stop and ask yourself whether you’re doing it because it matters, or because it makes you feel a certain way, like “in control” or “worthy” (those are two of mine).

Here are some rules of thumb, that I like to use:

  • When you feel like you must push harder, you’re off track. 
  • When you feel like you have to force the universe to comply, you’re off track.
  • When you feel like you don’t have enough time or money, you’re off track.

I heard something today about Hemingway: When the story wasn’t writing itself, he’d put down the pencil. 

How beautiful is that?

That’s how we’re supposed to live our lives.

When the spirit isn’t moving through you, just stop. Don’t try to force it. 

Instead, connect with your heart, with nature, goof off, play music, play with your kids, make love (to yourself, if you have to!), and build up the energy for when the spirit does move you.

With love,