The Tracer Bullet Method

Funny story. When I first came to India, I thought it was such a spiritual, enlightened place. And yes, there is a rich and deep history here. Yoga, ayurveda, Vivekananda, Yogananda, Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali, and all the rest of it. But day to day, the general population around here is not all that conscious.

I spoke with Gay Hendricks about this a couple days ago, and he quoted Osho, the big Indian guru, as saying: “Most Indians, if they came face-to-face with God, would ask for a new BMW.” My experience exactly!

Across the street from us lives a man with a son and a dog. He beats both his son and his dog with a stick. And his son, of course, also beats the dog. Hey, a son wants to be like his daddy, right? So it’s no wonder that the poor creature – who was a puppy when we moved in – is so filled with fear and anxiety it starts to whine and wimper about and pee anxiously all over the place as soon as anyone gets near it. And since we were shooting this video in front of the house, you can hear the dog. Sorry. 

Actually, this was the third take. During the first two, we had all the kids from the street watching, people starting their old broken scooters (takes like 8 attempts and makes an awful lot of noise), talking loud on the phone, and whatnot. The soundscape around here is incredible. The third shot was the best. Try not to be too distracted.

BUT! If you make it past the whining dog, you will win a big prize, namely the Tracer Bullet Method™.

The Tracer Bullet Method is my most popular strategy of all. It’s what has made me produce a whole software package competing with much bigger companies all by myself. And it’s what has made me break through to a whole new level time and time again. And it will do the same for you.

So watch the Tracer Bullet Method now.

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