Your body really can heal itself

I’ve been saying this for decades: Every single time a clinical trial is done, scientific proof happens that the we can heal ourselves, that the mind can heal the body. Why? Because that is exactly what the placebo effect is, and that’s what every pharmaceutical product has to beat in order to be allowed on the market. And the reason it has to beat it, is that the placebo effect is very very real and very effective.

So the obvious response would be to do a ton more research into the placebo effect. How does it work? Can we harness it for healing? Can we perhaps get so good at using the placebo effect we don’t need the drugs and the surgery and the side-effects and the expensive procedures?

But that doesn’t happen, of course, because there’s very little money in that. There’s money in peddling expensive drugs.

So naturally I’m extremely delighted to see that there are doctors out there, who are doing research in this.

Watch Gabby Bernstein interview doctor Lissa Rankin over at her blog.