I shed a tear over Steve as I was falling asleep last night.

I’d seen the above photo on Panic’s home page, which was made into one big tribute to Steve Jobs, and it had got me started thinking.

The question I asked myself was: What can I learn from this man?

What strikes me about the photo is how seriously this man takes himself. No unnecessary fluff. Nothing getting in the way of what he intends to do.

He was only 19 years older than I am now. If I were to die the same age as Steve Jobs, I’d have already lived through 2/3rds of my life at this point. That’s worth pausing to take in.

So the lesson here is to take myself more seriously. If I don’t, how can I expect anyone else to? If I don’t believe in my vision and my worth and the value of my contribution, who else will. The world is not shy about pulling you down, ignoring you, trying to beat you into submission. It takes real strength, courage, power, and decisiveness to stand tall against all that, day after day.

Then I asked myself: What should I create, that would be worthy of Steve Jobs?

What came to me here was the manual for doing business the way I see things. Creating profitable worthwhile products by using both right brain and left brain, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, art and technology. That’s what I care so deeply about, that’s what Steve Jobs did so perfectly, that’s what I have some special insights into, that I need to crystallize and share with the world.

So expect a book to come out some time next year.

Thank you Steve for being such a huge source of inspiration.