Start from the heart

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my many years as an entrepreneur, it’s the importance of starting from the heart.

Too often, when we want to start a new business, we just look at promising business opportunities: What’s the value chain, where’s the money going, how can we capture a big chunk of it? Nothing wrong with a promising business opportunities, of course. Except we could aim so much higher.

Seriously. Some day, not too long from now, you’ll be dead. At that point, the money doesn’t matter. At all. The only thing that will matter as you’re about to die is how much you gave. How much love did you give your family. How much did you love yourself? What positive impact did you have on the world in your lifetime?

So forget about the money. Just let money be the largely irrelevant little pieces of paper or numbers in a computer that they are, and start focusing on how you want to uniquely contribute to the world. And often you’ll find that you’ll be richly rewarded. You’ll have all the money you need. But don’t do it for the money. Do it for the contribution to make this world a better place for all. Do it from the heart.

When you start from the heart, three things happen: First, the vision gets bigger. Second, you’re more likely to succeed. And third, you’ll be fulfilled.

Why? The vision gets bigger because it’s no longer limited by your egos, which tends to think only in terms of what you already know is possible.

It’s more likely to succeed because it will be deeply meaningful to you, which means that you will be much more powerful and inspiring to your customers, employees, investors, partners, media, spouses, and kids.

I’ts fulfilling because you’re doing something that’s deeply meaningful to you, you’re fulfilling your life’s purpose. You’ll be able to live your life fully on your own terms.

That’s the realization behind Start from the Heart.

It may seem obvious to start from the heart, yet time and again I see this neglected. I see new ventures launched and funded with due dilligence covering market size, competitors, and barriers to entry, but with no due dilligence of the heart.

I contend that starting from the heart is the best correlation to success you’re going to get.

Start from the Heart is an online training program and support network that will take you through the process of finding that vision, overcoming whatever is preventing you from seeing it and pursuing it, and then take you all the way through making that vision a reality.

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