When I ______, then I ______

Boy is this a common pattern. When I have enough money, I’ll write that novel I always dreamed of. When I reach this next milestone I’ll spend more time with my family. When I’ve made my company a success I’ll have children. And on and on and on.

It’s always an excuse, and it’s always a mistake. If it’s important for you to do, do something about it now. If it’s not important for you to do, let go of the need to pretend it is.

Find a way to get started on that novel today. Find a way to spend more time with your family today. Start making that child today.

What’s the worst that could happen? You might find you really didn’t like writing a novel. Great, then you just saved yourself the time spent dreaming about it, and you can get started chasing the next dream. Or you might find that you love it, and you should’ve done this years ago.

If not now, when? If not here, where? If not you, who?