Parallels desktop in Coherence mode rocks

I’ve gotten Windows installed on my MacBook Pro, and running it in Coherence mode, which basically means the Windows windows blend right in with the OS X ones. This is a brilliant way to be able to test on IE and access the few stupid sites that don’t work well with other browsers, while only having to suffer minimally from Windows.

The only problem I have with this setup is that Command-Tab doesn’t invoke the OS X app switcher, but rather, Command acts as the Windows key. That is so frustrating. I’m using to making a change in TextMate, then Command-Tab’ing to a browser, reload, then back to make another change. Now I have to grab the mouse and click somewhere to get focus back to OS X and make Command-Tab work. It’s killing me, and just about a million other people. Still, it’s so much better than having to use a PC.

Now I just need to lay my hands on a legit copy of Vista somewhere, I hope they carry it in the store down the corner. It’s weird how bothersome it is to purchase a copy of Windows. Ideally I’d just visit, pay with my creditcard, and download an ISO file that I can then mount and install straight into Parallels from. But of course, that’s not how it works. I know they have their whole dealer setup to work with, but it still feels so wasteful and old-sk00l.

Se Carson’s details on the setup.