We got b00ted

My good mate Pollas and I got kicked out of MJ Cafe, formerly Cafe Mojo, in Gothersgade, Copenhagen. I weren’t there when it happened, got back as it was almost over, but from what Pollas related, it wasn’t that we didn’t buy enough, it was out of principle. Or something. It’s not really clear to us.

Anyway, there goes our favorite place to work. We’re now at Kassen, which is horribly smoky, has uncomfortable chairs, no tables in working height, no food, and too loud music, on repeat. Other places are cold, have flaky or only for-pay wifi, and so on.

Ever since reading about Delicious Monster working out of the Zoka coffee shop in Seattle, has this seemed to be to be an ideal situation. You got someone taking care of the surroundings, the drinks, and the food, and you take care of your business. No wasting time finding an office, negotiating a lease, worries about needing more or less space, cleaning, flowers, and other decor, conference room, and so on. What’s not to like about that?

It’s a perfect way to bootstrap a business, yet it’s another infrastructure piece missing in Copenhagen. I thought we’d found it, the staff seemed friendly, there was lots of laptop users, but apparently we crossed some line this week. We weren’t event there for a whole week straight while I was off in Silicon Valley.

Speaking of which, in Palo Alto we spent quite a bit of time at Coupa Cafe. Sure, they yanked the wifi on evenings and weekends, but during workdays we got to work there just fine, and when on a Sunday we kindly asked, they event turned on the wifi just for us.

It’s a delicate balance to strike, because laptop people tend to stay for many hours and be so consumed in their own flow that they forget to buy drinks and don’t contribute much to the ambience of the place. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Here we are, a group of tech workers representing the future of the fluid marketplace for labor, wallet in hand, but no-one to hand the money to.

We’ve obviously discussed opening up our own place, but we completely lack experince in running a place like that. If any of you have some insight, or friends with insight, we’d love to pick some brains.

For now, though, we’re nomads.