I so want to live in a doorman building

Or a house, I guess, where the UPS guy can just dump stuff in front of the house. Though a 30” monitor would still cause me some anxiety to have sitting there the whole day.

In this day and age—you know, UPS and TNT and all the rest of them are great, but the fact that you have to be home between 9 and 5 is simply untenable. I don’t have an office. I go places, meet people, hop around. What is a guy to do?

A doorman building seems like the best option, if price wasn’t an issue. Oh, and the fact that they don’t exist in Copenhagen. But a doorman is like having a receptionist. Handy dandy.

But the price? Think about it—if you want 24-hour coverage, that’s going to be at least 4 full-time people to account for vacation and sick leave. That’s a lot of salary to pay. Bummer.