Land line is working again

tdc-tool.jpgOur land line is working again now, after having been out of commission for over two months as we’ve been traveling, but also struggling to get someone to own up to and fix the problem.

Our internet connection is paid for by my wife’s job at DR, and supplied by TDC, both large former-monopolies. The challenge was to explain the problem to my wife in terms she could communicate to DR’s helpdesk in a way that would convince them to request TDC to come and fix the problem.

The first mistake was telling the truth, that we could exchange two cables to make the land line work but not the internet, and that of course we chose to have internet working over phone service. That was too complicated for them to handle: “If it’s your land line that’s broken, then it’s your problem, not ours.” Ok, let’s pretend we flipped the cables and go back. “Hey, guys, now the internet’s broken, fix it!” “Oh, but we have a different VPN solution now.”

In the end, we took a photo of the cable that was broken, took it to the helpdesk at DR, who immediately ordered the TDC guy, and the next morning (that’s today), he was here to fix it.

Of course, he left behind him some funky telco device, and I’m sure we’re going to have a blast trying to return that.