The Calvin Show Episode 001: Let's Do This!

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On The Calvin Show I share everything I've learned about business, spirituality, life, health, relationships, cocktails, food, and music through a life of experimenting fearlessly, creating a multi-million dollar business, devouring a creative life, and completely redesigning my life from the inside out.

In this episode, I reveal the most important two questions you can ask yourself, as well as answer a couple of great questions from you guys.

You'll learn:
  • Why everything is exactly how it should be
  • How to make sure your social circle don't pull you down
  • How take make a profitable and exciting living from your creative genius
  • Why the old Chinese guy didn't care that his son broke his leg

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I've never heard you talk so clearly before - pure essence. Thank you so much, it was very inspiring. And Merry Christmas!!!!
By Dorte Elmbæk Nielsen on Fri, Dec 16, 16 at 06:03
Hi Calvin! Many thanks for answering my question. It makes a lot of sense. Very cool and inspirational show in general. Looking forward to the next episode :) With gratitude, Thomas
By Thomas Vidø on Fri, Dec 16, 16 at 08:12
Thank you, Thomas, and thanks again for a great question. Keep them coming.
hi Calvin so great to see you in my inbox again !! I discovered you last year and totally resonate with your message. would love to interview you sometime for my blog if you were up for that! great show well done and big welcome back. happy Christmas to you from Scotland!
Hi Bernie, thank you for the comment. Happy to give an interview. I love doing those. –Calvin

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