Deleting photos in iPhoto

by Calvin on November 6, 2005

When your camera takes pictures that weigh in at over 3MB each, the decision of which photos to delete is as important as any. That’s why I’m dumbfounded by the way that feature is designed in iPhoto.

If you’re looking at a photo inside an album, hitting the delete key will remove the photo from the album, but won’t delete the actual photo. If, however, you’re viewing the Library, and you hit that same key, it will.

Now I understand the logic. But I still keep making this mistake, because the library and the album work and look exactly the same, otherwise, so I forget where I am. And then when, after careful deliberation and comparison of almost-identical shots, I’m done “deleting” them from the album, and I realize I was in the wrong place, it is really hard to figure out which photos it was that I wanted to delete, since they’re now gone from the album. Argh!!

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