Calvin's Mud

I was doing MUD\WTR, which is great, but since I started that, I've gone completely off of caffeine, which includes dropping all chocolate and cacao, and since MUD\WTR includes both, I can't do that anymore.

So I created my own version that doesn't have either, and it's great. 

Blend Recipe

Per serving:

You can mix and match other mushrooms in there if you want, depending on the benefits you're after.

Be careful that some of them taste really bad.

I mix 10-15 servings in a mason jar and shake shake shake so it's easy to make a drink whenever I want.

Drink Recipe

Put about half a cup of Oatly oat milk into a milk frother and set it to froth at the maximum frothiness setting. I use regular original Oatly and the Nespresso Aeroccino4 frother.

Put a topped tablespoon of Calvin's Mud Blend, liquid monk fruit extract drops to taste—I like 15—into a drinking vessel, fill it halfway up with hot water, and mix well. I use the Bonsenkitchen Handheld foamer to mix.

When the oat milk is ready, pour it on top, while blending with the hand foamer.

Voila, your drink is ready.



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