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Pro asking the big questions.

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Pro stepping out of the drama triangle.

Pro taking responsibility.

 Pro being present.

Pro being.



Things are not going great

We've got climate change, a divided nation, school shootings, immigration problems, a never-ending drug war, a never-ending war in Afghanistan, a 21 trillion dollar national debt, and we're talking about what? Trump's affair with a porn star? Welcome to America!

Human beings a problem solvers at heart. All of the problems we're facing can be solved. What will that give us? Better problems. We'll always have problems, and we'll always have to come up with creative ideas to solve them. That's how it works.

All of our explanations, scientific or otherwise, are false to some degree. The question is by how much, and are we continuously looking for better explanations?

Here's what I'm here to do:

  1. Bridge the gap between science and the matters of the heart, for lack of a better word. Things like love, spirit, mind/body connection, healing, intuition, intention, the nature of thoughts and emotions, the origin of life. You know, simple things like that.
  2. Bridge the gap between humans. Dems and Repubs, left and right, the west and the east, neighbors. I think we fundamentally want the same thing, we're just immensely confused.

Science and matters of the heart

What most people don't seem to get is that science is a community of fallible human beings, and that the only thing we know for sure about all of our scientific explanations is that they're wrong. Useful? Yes. Better than any other explanation we've come up with so far? Yes. But just like Newton seemed like a perfect explanation of how things actually are until Einstein came along, so, too, will someone some day come along and come up with an explanation that makes Einstein seem a little dated. Who knows, maybe someone already has, and it just hasn't spread yet.

It seems pretty clear to me that mind and the body are not separate, that we can heal through the mind (hello, placebo), that love and purpose and meaning seem important to people and we don't have good explanations as to how and why and what they are, that intuition is real even though we don't understand how it works. I'm not willing to ignore their existence, I'm not willing to settle for these just being part of "the mystery of life", and I'm not willing to settle for pseudo-scientific hand-waving about quantum physics that don't apply. I want to question, understand, and find out.

Two people that have inspired me in my explorations here are Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, author of Extraordinary Knowing, and David Deutsch, author of The Beginning of Infinity.

The gap between humans 

The political conversations we're having precludes any nuance, understanding, or agreement. Take a look at this polling question: "Should the United States deport immigrants living here illegally, or offer a path to citizenship?". Only an idiot would answer a clear "deport" or "path to citizenship", yet according to their data, 89% of respondents do just that. Wouldn't it depend on the specifics? Of course it is. It's not that simple. Anyone asking questions like this are actively sabotaging the country. Are they terrorists? Working for the Russians? Should we deport them or put them in jail? No, of course not, I'm just kidding. But people, please stop doing this, it's really really really not helping.

Here's my experience: When you dig deep enough within political conversations, it comes down to values. At the surface, we talk in sweeping generalizations, like the immigration question above, and it's almost always a complete waste of time.

Digging deeper, we focus on different facts, and we interpret those facts differently. Is white supremacism on the rise, and what are the consequences? How widespread is crime committed by immigrants really, compared to other groups? That's something we can have a conversation about, we can each contribute our observations and thoughts to the conversation, and we can agree on a lot of things that we don't know, but have more or less good reasons to believe.

Deeper still, we arrive at principles. A human being should have a right to decide who and what gets to enter said body, ie. I get to choose what I eat, drink, eat, and who I have sex with. A country should have a right to decide who gets to enter and who doesn't, who gets to stay and who doesn't, and under what circumstances. These are things we can absolutely disagree on, but these are worthwhile conversations. Why is that principle important to you? If it comes into conflict with another principle, which one wins out, and why?

Finally, we arrive at moral values. Fairness. Equality. Authority. Sanctity. Integrity. Honesty. This is what it's all ultimately about. Once we've cleared out flawed thinking, we get to what our values our. And that gives me great hope. Why? Because what I've found is that we all share the same fundamental moral values. Where we differ is in what weight we give each one. But we all have them, we all have the capacity to see and understand them, and that makes us fully capable of understanding and empathize with people whose value weighting skews differently. And that's what it's all about.

The two people who have inspired me the most in this area is Jonathan Haidt, author of The Righteous Mind, and Jonathan Rauch, author of Kindly Inquisitors.


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We're all wrong about beliefs. Tons of them.

It's only when we discover that something we used to believe was wrong that we move forward intellectually and spiritually. That's the whole game.

Coffee with Calvin explores where we're mistaken about things, collectively and individually, so we can get ever closer to the truth.

Gandhi said that truth, love, and god are all synonyms. I'm with Gandhi. That makes sense in my book.

I talk to regular people, political people, authors, intuitives and spiritual people, and everything in-between. We need diversity of opinion to get to the truth.

Above all, we need curiosity, courage, and the willingness to see and admit where we're wrong.

Let's grab coffee!

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